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Specialist in Horse Installations

In 2014, in preparation for the Olympic Games of Rio, the Liege-Airport which is one of the most important hubs in international horse shipping, organized an architectural competition for a terminal complex with an integrated 60 boxes horse stable, check-in and loading dock area.

By the winning of this competition and the following execution of the works Atelier DSH has become the international specialist in conception of customized solutions for horse stables.

During our professional specialization in horse installations we had the opportunity to visit some of the most famous horse stables in the world (like the Al Shaqab horse racing academy in Qatar or some famous stables in New Market UK).

This gained experiences had a strong influenced on our conception work and gave us the input to create the best solutions for individual stables.

Innovation and excellence


Every Horse Residence is a unique installation, completely customized to the requirements of the client and its horses.


The optional ultramodern healthcare area is fitted out inter alia with the latest generation of salt water spa and treadmills. All installations are built - in and guaranteed by the manufacturer.


An optional airport module has been designed to air transport for horse and groom. The installation provides a legally compliant check-in and transit area. This airport module is successfully used in Liege Airport since the Olympic Games of Rio.


An optional veterinary center is developed in collaboration with our specialists and allows a professional treatment of the horses. This veterinary center is provided with the latest breeding equipment.


The modern groom has to be well rested to care 100% for its horses. A groom area with groom lounge kitchen, fitness and bathroom allows the groom to relax. An integrated box surveillance camera system guarantees a permanent monitoring of the horses.

The «Castrum Romanum»

A more than 2500 year old concept gave the main input to our approach.

With its unsurpassed clarity in organization and its obvious development, the concept of the Castrum Romanum defined our guidelines for the Horse Residence.

Orthogonal main axis divide the different box areas and allow a clear development of the building. This system allows a short circulation and reduce disturbance of horses at rest.

In case of fire this clear development guarantees the immediate evacuation of the boxes in a calm way without risk of jam.

Integrative conception

Experience and sensibility

Horses are a very sensible species which specifically developed senses.

With our veterinarians and psychologist we proceed with a specific choice of colors In the building to guide or affect the horse in the different areas.

The same analytic is applied in acoustics to calm and to reduce stress of the horse.

We pay particularly attention on the horse’s sense of smell. All building materials and the equipment are unexceptionally checked regarding its aroma or odor nuisance.

Select plan


  • Pure architecture in a distinct and minimalist style
  • Robust architectural components
  • Functional centralized building services
  • Functional monitoring and protection system for the horses
  • Ideal installation for airport terminal application
  • Friendly groom rest area

Private Luxury

  • Representative installation in a contemporary architecture style
  • A range of high graded architectural components
  • Integrated luxury lobby
  • Well-appointed groom rest area.
  • High graded centralized building services
  • Centralized monitoring and protection system for the horses


Performance and permanent evolution

We are taking care when choosing materials and equipment. All elements are checked by our team to guarantee a perfect compatibility to the horses.

During the conception of a Horse Residence we pay attention to prevent the risk of injury for the future occupants.
We work nearly everywhere with smooth and shock absorbing materials as caoutchouc screed or rubber pavers.

All technical installation or building service elements are integrated in the structure or protected by specific bumpers to prevent injuries of the Horses.


The Horse Residence is oriented to a large range of clients. The private horse enthusiasts as the professional horse breeder or the shipping complexes of airports are all potential holder of this installation.

With its specific modules the Horse Residence can be customized for every feature.

  • Horse arena
  • Health area
  • Veterinarian module
  • Breeding module
  • Airport check in module
  • Shipping module with loading dock
  • Groom area
  • Quarantine zone
  • Lobby module

Reception center for horses in transit - Bierset Airport, Belgium



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